California, DC has topped out; Chicago, Texas still growing

Redfin’s is unveiling an infographic depicting six 2015 housing market “personas” across the country.
In addition to the standard fare of prices and number of homes for sale, the personas include hot neighborhoods, notable neighbors, preferred transport and even some annoying stereotypes.
1. Stalwarts
Strong economies, lots of millennial buyers, yet still affordable.
2. Topping Out
Sky-high prices that will peak, and even dip into negative territory this year.
3. New Tech Magnets
Tech-driven economies, young wealth; getting more expensive, with growth limited by zoning or geography.
4. Comeback Kids
Markets hit hard by the financial crisis that will see a pickup in sales in 2015.
5. Sleepers
Not in the news much, but mid-priced cities with good economies and job opportunities.
6. Down but not Out
Hit hardest by housing crisis, fewer jobs, still working through foreclosures.
The whole chart lists major housing markets by their type. Take a look.
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