The reason you would want to work with me first and foremost,  is because you are comfortable with me. Let’s be realistic, this is the largest liability you will ever take on in your lifetime and it should be treated very seriously.

Above and beyond anything else, I think the most important thing you should consider when selecting someone to handle this magnitude of financing for you is if you are comfortable with the integrity and the level of service. If he or she is not doing a great job and you have to spend all of your time trying to get answers, then that is certainly going to negatively impact you and your income.

Beyond that, I am at an unfair advantage over the rest of my competition. I am really lucky to have a very talented group of people on my team who do a lot of the things I am, quite frankly, not very good at.

This allows me to focus on doing what I do really well, which is consult with clients and be a student of the market, which I think is probably the most important thing as it relates to taking out a home mortgage. Having someone who is an expert on the economy and understands how the economy works and is going to constantly have a finger on the pulse of the developments will allow us to determine the proper time to lock in an interest rate as well as future refinance opportunities.

As I have said before, if I am doing my job correctly, my job begins when your first loan closes with me. Therefore, you will always have the best interest rate while working with my team and me. When interest rates decrease, and they will at some point in the future, you will know about it as soon as it happens and we will take advantage of it by taking that no points, no fees refinance that we discussed.  

Looking forward to making you my next raving fan!