Many mortgage loan programs today allow homebuyers to use less than a 20% down payment when buying a house.  When you do this, you are often required to pay Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI).  This increases your mortgage payment slightly.  Here are three reasons why PMI is actually a huge benefit to you:

1 – PMI Allows You to Buy Now Instead of WaitingFor example, assume houses in your market are going up in value by 3% per year.  If you buy a $200,000 house now, you save $6,000 vs. waiting a year. Plus, that $6,000 in house price appreciation becomes extra wealth that you’ve just created for yourself.  PMI allows you to buy now and benefit from future house price increases.

2 – PMI Frees up Funds to Pay off Higher Interest Rate DebtFor example, if you have credit card debt at 9% and mortgage rates are 4.5%, you may be better off putting less than 20% down.  Instead, you could use a portion of your down payment funds to pay off the credit card debt. PMI allows you to do this.

3 – PMI Frees up Funds to Invest at a Higher RateWhen you use money for a large down payment, you are missing out on the opportunity to earn a rate of return on that cash. Is your rate of return on investments greater than the cost of a mortgage with PMI? If so, it may make sense for you to put less than 20% down, use a higher balance mortgage with PMI, and keep your funds invested.

PLEASE NOTE: This article is provided for illustrative purposes only. It is not an offer or commitment to lend you money, and it is not an advertisement for a specific mortgage or a specific interest rate. 

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