Emergency Personnel Save Through the NEVADA First Responder Appreciation Program

Emergency service teams help to keep our local communities safe with immediate response measures and direct care. CMG Financial thanks you for playing a critical role in making where we live both secure and comfortable. Feel free to maximize value and save more on your next home purchase or refinance with the Beach-Greco Team, all part of the CMG Financial First Responder Appreciation Program.
What Does the First Responder Appreciation Program Offer?
Qualifying members of the First Responders Association get to take part in this savings-oriented program, utilizing up to 4% towards your down payment and/or closing costs on your new home purchase in NEVADA. Experience the difference with CMG Financial. 
Pair additional incentives and eligible offers to maximize value and save even more.

Who Qualifies to Participate in this Program?
The following parties are eligible to save more through this program:
  • 911 and Fire dispatchers
  • Police Force (includes police officers, sheriffs, sheriff’s deputy, correctional officer, state trooper)
  • Federal Law Enforcement (includes those working for Central Intelligence Agency, Department of Public Safety and more – check with team for other organizations that qualify)
  • Firefighters (includes both career and volunteer)
  • EMT (includes EMT and paramedics team)
CMG Financial – Where First Response Team Members Save More
Save more through the CMG Financial First Responder Appreciation program here in NEVADA when you choose to buy or refinance your home. Contact our team for additional specifics, as we can process program eligibility and secure your bonus money today.
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