What is CMPS?

What is CMPS?


CMPS is a training, examination, certification and ongoing membership program for financial professionals who provide mortgage and real estate equity advice.

You can be assured that a mortgage professional with CMPS credentials has met rigorous, peer-developed and reviewed standards endorsed by a national professional body. The CMPS Institute was formed as a joint effort by leaders in the mortgage and financial planning industries to raise professional standards among mortgage professionals and integrate sound financial planning advice into the mortgage process. Recognized for its preeminence within the industry, the CMPS curriculum represents the core knowledge expected of residential mortgage advisors, regardless of the diversity of specializations within the industry.

The CMPS curriculum incorporates the five essential CMPS skill sets related to integrating a client’s mortgage, debt and home equity strategy into their overall financial plan:

  • Financial Market and Interest Rate Analysis
  • Cash Flow & Debt Analysis
  • Real Estate Equity Management
  • Real Estate Investment Planning
  • Mortgage & Real Estate Taxation Concepts

With such a wide range of subjects to be mastered, the educational process doesn’t end once the designation is earned. There is a strong commitment among CMPS Members to continuing education through conference calls, seminars and self-study.