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Down Payment Assistance Programs Are Available 


Down payment assistance programs and grants are the most confusing and least understood part of the home buying process, even for many lenders!  A recent study found that 70% of first time home buyers (and current home owners) in Clark County, Nevada are not aware that millions of dollars in down payment assistance or closing cost assistance programs go unused each year.




Most people, including real estate agents and lenders, are shocked when I tell them there are more than 260 fully funded homebuyer assistance programs in Nevada.

Guess what…37% of the programs DO NOT require you be a first time home buyer!

Did you know, another recent study by RealtyTrac found that 87% of all homes qualify for some sort of homebuyer or down payment assistance program based on the average sales price and buyer’s income?


Who Offers Down Payment Assistance Programs in Nevada?

Question: Who do I contact about qualifying for down payment/closing cost assistance from the city, county, state, or a non-profit agency?

Answer:  Contact me.  We specialize in down payment assistance programs throughout all of Nevada.  Call direct: (702) 326-7866 or contact us here.

The mortgage lender you work with to get qualified for a mortgage also determines your eligibility for the down payment assistance programs.

Buyer Beware: Most lenders are NOT approved to offer a majority (or any) of the assistance programs you are likely eligible for.  Many lenders purposely withhold valuable information and not inform you about all your options (because they cannot offer them) or to prevent you from seeking assistance from a lender who is more experienced or can offer more or better assistance programs.

FYI – I have access to nearly all homebuyer assistance programs in Nevada.  If I cannot offer a certain program, I’ll refer you to a lender who can.

Is Qualifying for Down Payment Assistance Difficult?

Qualifying for a down payment assistance program is not that difficult.  There are a few requirements such as income limits and credit score. All you have to do is not exceed the programs income limit (if it has one) and have a credit score of at least 640, and you are most likely eligible for some kind of assistance!

However, every assistance program has it’s own unique set of qualifying criteria, which adds to the complexity of qualifying and processing of a loan application.  The more local the assistance program, the more complex or ‘quirky’ it becomes.

Always check with your lender (us) to find out if assistance funds are still available before making an offer on a home.

If you have extra time and want to do the research yourself read the mortgage info below, otherwise, just click the GREEN button below and we can see what you qualify for and I will research which DPA programs you will be eligible for.

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