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Let us tell you the benefits of this course that you’ll learn:

By taking our FBCF course, you won’t have to spend thousands of dollars on professionals for credit repair.

  • You’ll know the exact credit repair process to use when needed
  • You’ll begin to achieve your financial goals
  • You’ll discover the best ways to manage old debts
  • You’ll learn credit myths that you don’t have to believe
  • You’ll have a template letter to solve dispute errors and have adverse items corrected
  • You’ll learn different alternatives to handle black marks in your credit record
  • You’ll also learn types of data that doesn’t affect your credit
  • How many credit cards you should have for optimal credit?
  • You’ll learn tips to stay “in the know” zombie collectors
  • You’ll also learn the best ways to deal with unexpected late payments
  • And the list goes on…

Now imagine your credit score has improved!

It’s a whole new world. All that financial stress has vanished away, and no more credit rejections.

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What This Course Includes:

  • 7 Modules lectures and videos
  • Ultimate DIY Kit w/150+ dispute letters
  • Advanced Dispute Letters
  • Bankruptcy Dispute Letter
  • Student Loan Dispute Letter
  • Budget Spreadsheets
  • Credit Score Booster Guide
  • Dispute flow chart
  • DIY credit repair workbook
  • Ebooks
  • Easy access on mobile and TV
  • Much More …

Still skeptical about how this formula works?

With this course, you’ll have all of the resources to solve your credit problems. If you cannot rectify your credit, are stressed about debt, and want to have the exact steps to change your credit, then this course will help you do that.

You’ll learn the tips, tricks, and every process required to solve your credit issue so, you can ERASE bad credit and CATAPULT your credit scores!!

Plus, the course content has all the nuts and bolts for you to get results.

We recommend you get this right away, or you’ll regret it later on! It the best credit repair course you will ever spend money on.



What you’ll learn

  • The need for credit repair
  • The information on your credit report
  • The process of credit repair
  • Learn about 3 reports
  • How to obtain your reports
  • How to review the reports
  • Learn about the dispute process
  • How to write dispute letters to bureaus
  • How to send validation letters to collectors
  • How to negotiate settlements with collectors
  • How to negotiate and settle debts
  • What is E-Oscar
  • Learn the Verification strategy of the letters
  • How to suppress and freeze your credit report
  • How to review the bureau responses
  • How to file a complaint
  • What actions should you take to raise your score
  • What should you be doing to maintain and increase your credit score in the long run


Who this course is for:

  • Who wants to get qualified for lower interest rates
  • Who needs an ultimate credit repair
  • Who wants to create or build credit
  • Who is prepared to manage personal finances
  • Who expects to be financially educated
  • Who wants to transform their economic situation
  • Who is inclined to be free from bad credit
  • Who wants to build wealth
  • Who wants to acquire skills needed for an outstanding credit score