So, what’s the perfect home loan you ask?

Well, the perfect home loan in the eyes of the Lender it’s one where the customer pays back the loan and pays on time. LOL 🤣Having the perfect loan process is a goal we mortgage professionals strive for today but no one is perfect and no situation is perfect. That’s why we a human, right?!  The Beach-Greco Team’s goal is for you to be in the best mortgage to suit your needs at all times so we go above and beyond at the initial stages to make sure the loan you select fits your needs today and in the future. A home loan is unique like you and I so the perfect loan is really what is perfect for YOU! 

However, the media has it all wrong again… when actually securing a mortgage approval and satisfying underwriting guidelines is not that difficult as long as you have the right lender by your side.  That’s where we come in 😉.  Most of the challenges of the mortgage process come with improper communication and not meeting the documentation requirements. It’s no longer necessary to have stellar credit and a large down payment to guarantee your loan approval.  The good news is, the fix is simple. Just let us help and guide you along the way. 

My proven reputation for helping families secure financing will help you too because unlike other lenders, I put in the effort to find the best loan for your unique situation.  My teacher approach will help you overcome credit issues, down payment woes and reach the end goal and get you into a new home. I work by referral so I can concentrate my time helping you rather than chasing leads.  Once you get to know me, you’ll find out that I am committed to consistently exceeding your expectations and constantly keeping you informed. I am here to help you achieve your homeownership goals … so are you ready?

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