Needs List: The “No Surprises” Checklist

The Beach-Greco Mortgage Team
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Here is a list of the most common items that we will need from you! If you have them handy, you can go ahead and upload them directly to our secure link


If you don’t have access to a scanner and you do have a smartphone, please download a scanner app for your phone.


  1. Most recent paycheck / LES that shows a YTD on it
  2. Two Most recent years of W2, 1099R, K1’s
  3. Two Most recent years Tax Return – all pages (if you are more than 25% commission, are self-employed or have rental properties)
  4. Most recent bank statements, all pages and all accounts covering the last 60 day period
  5. If self-employed, most recent 2 years business tax returns
  6. Most recent retirement/401k statement/investment statement
  7. Two Most recent months/quarters of retirement income statement, if applicable
  8. Most recent SSA Award Letter, if applicable
  9. VA Disability Award Statement, if applicable
  10. If you have current home(s) and will be retaining them, please send the Homeowners Insurance Declarations page (shows premium and address)
  11. Existing Mortgage Statement, HOA statement (Refinance)
  12. Closing Disclosure from recent sale of any home or purchase of any land/home
  13. Copy of photo ID


Other items may be asked for once we review, but this is a good start. Thank you and we look forward to working with you! 😊


Please use the secure link for any sensitive documents:


Please contact us if you have any questions.