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Down Payment Assistance Programs

Down payment assistance programs allows home buyers that would otherwise be unable to purchase the home. With affordable home prices in Las Vegas, NV not having a down payment should not keep you from buying the home of your dreams.                                                                           
          Down Payment Assistance
We are a Nevada approved lender for the Down Payment Assistance Programs and have closed hundreds of loans that required down payment assistance. 


We will counsel you through the application process for all DPA and Grant programs! 

  • * Every homebuyer will be required to take a homebuyer education class
  • * Additional time may be needed to close the loan; typical closing time is approximately 45 days
  • * Typically must be a first time homebuyer that has not owned a home in the past 3 years
  • * The home can not be an investment purchase and must be the homebuyers primary residence
  • * Borrower must be qualified by the down payment agency and their guidelines
  • * All household members must be legal residents of the United States for participation in any program
  • * All down-payment programs base income on total household income, not just borrower income
  • * All mortgages must be fixed-rate 30 year Conventional or  fixed-rate 30 year FHA loan
  • * All down payment assistance programs are based on availability of funds



Here are some of the most popular DPA  programs in NV:

NV Housing Division – Home is Possible
Chenoa Fund
Culinary/Bartenders Housing Partnership Program
NV RURAL – Home at Last
WISH – Match 3 to 1
Tax Credits – Nevada Rural Housing Authority (NRHA) / Nevada Housing Division (NHD) Home
At Last Mortgage Tax Credit (MTC) Program

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Down Payment Assistance

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