Top Reasons To Work With Aundrea

1. Aundrea’s over 18 Years of Mortgage Planning in Up & Down Markets

2. Aundrea Works for You! – Whether you are the Client … the Realtor…  the Seller…  the Builder…

3. Aundrea provides a Completely Proactive & Stress-Free Mortgage Experience

4. Aundrea’s Focus is on Growing her Clients’ Wealth

5. Aundrea’s company is a direct lender with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae

6. Aundrea’s Lifetime Management of Your Mortgage: Her Annual Check-Up’s will save you money

7. Aundrea’s Automatic Refinance Email Alerts for Lower Rate Opportunities

8. Aundrea’s Continued Dedication to Higher Education and Professional Standards

9. Aundrea’s Partnership with mentors such as Barry Habib, Tim Braheem, Jim McMahan, Sue Woodard and Todd Duncan

10. Aundrea’s Never-Ending Commitment to Raising Her Clients’ Financial IQ

11. Aundrea will always put your mortgage needs and benefits first

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